Morning Daughters: K-Pop’s Newest Group!

No, this isn’t a rant about their most recent single and how overall horrible it was(36k first week sales? Really? Either Koha fans converted to AKB48ism or Tsunku is just boring now-a-days). Instead I’m going to single-handedly convert Japan’s best-selling all female group into one of the plenty K-Pop girl groups!


Let’s face it. H!P groups when compared to SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1 and Kara have a lot of “imperfect members”. What I mean by that are members that don’t excel in anything in particular and/or just suck really bad at something. It’s safe to say that each member in SNSD is at least a solid singer, unlike H!P members like Sayumi or Aika.

Thus… Michishige Sayumi, Mitsui Aika and Junjun are out! (I’m an Aika and Junjun fan so I’m not just trolling. I can admit that they are the three less talented members in Momosu.)


Like EVERY single K-Pop group out there(except 2PM ’cause their drama queenz), each member has to have their own role in the group. For example, CL being 2NE1’s leader+rapper, Bom being the main vocalist, etc…

Most K-Groups place the oldest member as the leader, but I think that’s a horrible formula to follow as the oldest member of the group isn’t usually the most fir for the leader position. That’s why Ai wouldn’t be leader in this case. Instead…

Takahashi Ai: Main Vocals

Niigaki Risa: Sub Vocals, Main Dancer

Kamei Eri: Sub Vocals, Lead Dancer

Tanaka Reina: Leader, Main Vocals

Linlin: Lead Vocals

Okay, so I did this basing it on their current positions in the group. I placed Reina as leader(no matter how much I hate her) since she seems the most legible to introducing the group/doing interviews/other leader stuff. Definitely more than Ai, anyway.

As for the difference between lead and main(that I’m aware of), for dancers, is that the main dancer is usually in the center of the choreography, while the lead dancer(also near the middle) usually get’s her own solo dance breaks(think SNSD’s Hyoyeon in Genie). I’ve never seen Risa do a dance solo before, but I’ve seen Eri do it twice.

Reina and Ai are lead vocals because they get the most solos. Linlin is lead because she’ll like almost always be singing in the background and get like her one “big” solo in the song(okay so I kinda made that up since we all know Linlin never sings).


In K-Pop, its sexy or GTFO. None of that cute crap(unless your SNSD, even though their cute image is just a more playful twist on the sexy one for me). Thus, I chose the most mature, sorta sexy thing they’ve done recently.


Instead, I chose Resonant Blue!!!

That line-up is just so… UGH *-* NO… NO! I can’t forget that Reina is there! D:


AFTER 5 YEARS IN TRAINING, DUH!(maybe that’s why H!P girls during their debuts usually suck. They don’t even train for half of the time K-Pop members do…).

So after having their respective surgeries and all, they need to release a catchy debut track! Now I’ll go ahead and choose something recent from their careers but that also has(even a tiny bit) a K-Pop flair.

I choose… Take off is now!


  1. It’s the fiercest thing they have(after SONGS) in the recent years that could just slightly pass as K-Pop
  2. Closest thing to being under four minutes long
  3. Admit it, imagine this lineup performing this live. Fierce right?
  4. Lots of room for KAMEI ERI DANCE SOLOS! (not like that 5 second crappy solo she has during the TOP performance on the Resonant LIVE tour)



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8 Responses to Morning Daughters: K-Pop’s Newest Group!

  1. monochromeblues says:

    This made me lol so much. MoMusu as a K-Pop group…?

    I’d have to get back to you on that hot mess.

    Do another one! I COMMAND THEE!

  2. morningtime says:

    Junjun is MM’s future. Well in my mind. No Junjun = doom. Well it equals even more boring tv appearances anyway. Also it equals a much less attractive looking group.

    Take off is now! is their best song in years. Even if it only features 3 members. At least it’s 3 that can sing.

  3. NyNy says:

    Haha, nice story.
    But let’s not compare J-Pop artists to K-Pop artists, keep them separated on different sides is better.

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  5. yonasu says:

    “It’s safe to say that each member in SNSD is at least a solid singer” — Oh the power of studio mixing. I’ve seen so many SNSD live performances where the girls suck so hard I can’t stop grinning like a freaking idiot, and I’m not saying that as a hater, ’cause I love SNSD. But they’re not solid singers, not by any means.

    As for the looks, I see it as SNSD try to reach the mainstream audience _only_. The K-pop groups pretty much always have 2 kinds of girls, the one rapper and the rest who’re basically just beautiful girls. When it comes to MoMusu and other J-pop groups the girls always have their own unique personalities and features. Hence they manage to reach out to a more diverse audience and because of those unique personalities also manage to get people to spend more on other merchandise.

    Honestly I don’t think any of the MoMusu girls would fit in a K-pop group, since K-pop groups are basically all about the music. And as for K-pop groups, they’re not fit to convert into a J-pop group either, their personalities are too weak. They’re only good as a group.

  6. Piper_G says:

    LOL! I loved this. It was really eye-opening to see what the group would look like as a K-pop unit (I think your reasoning is sound), and even more eye-opening to realize that yes, it would be pretty FAIL.

    Sometimes we’re so busy being worried or upset about the way things are that we forget how good we have it. =)

  7. miitan says:

    All the changes you mentioned are pretty much why I can’t stand K-pop.

  8. dreamtiny says:

    Haha as a fan of both genres I would like to say that I wholeheartedly agree with the “flop” rating.

    J-pop is its own music culture, and shouldn’t feel like it has to change to meet K-pop’s (really obnoxiously catchy music why do I like K-pop, honestly…) tune.

    I agree with the choice of Take off is Now =)
    YES Kamei solos. fuahaha.

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