[…V•O•T•E…] Week XXXVII

Week of 2/14 – 2/21 (21 votes)

Just the other day I found out that Namie Amuro is a Virgo. I’m also a Virgo, so that cleared up all the questions I had regarding her cold and frigid personality. Bad Valentine’s would be bad.

Who’s your J-Pop Valentine?

  1. Sex with Koda Kumi! – 5 votes
  2. Momosu member. Gotta make sure the other 7 don’t get jealous. / Random Johnny’s member. spazzzzz – 4 votes each
  3. 1 from AKB48. Less popular = cheaper gifts. / MARRY ME MIYABI! – 3 votes each
  4. A Perfume chick. Vocoder+chocolate = CHOCOLATE DISCO BLISS <3 – 2 votes

You dirty dirty people. I can’t imagine sex with Kumi can be that fun, could it? I personally prefer Utada, more cushion for the pushin’. ;D


I blame Perfume losing for being so dead recently. Nakata has been kinda lazy lately too.


About Abraham

J-Pop devotee, Hello! Project ace, graphic designer, blogger, gamer, dancer, prince and day dreamer. Founded Sora to Kujira.
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2 Responses to […V•O•T•E…] Week XXXVII

  1. oh god we virgos tend to cluster around each other :sneers at koda’s ass:

  2. NyNy says:

    Love your new layout <3 Kawaii
    But seriously, I prefer Matsushita Yuya if you know what I mean, Jin-chan! ^_^

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