After School – Because Of You

Because Of You is After School’s 2nd single and it was released on November 25, 2009.


1. Because Of You
2. When I Fall
3. Diva
4. Because Of You (Inst)

After School kicks off their second single with Because Of You, a song that makes me remember of BIG BANG hits like Lies and Haru Haru almost enough to consider plagiarism. However, the song only sounds the same in arrangement as the melodies share no similarity. What we have is another one of those “sad synth songs that start with a piano, have an explosive chorus and a lot of rapping”. All in all, the song is gorgeous and is filled with very emotional and strong vocals and a fresh, moody instrumental. Definitely their biggest hit with me so far.

When I Fall is a lot simpler and natural in its composition since it’s just acoustic instruments(minus some beats) throughout the entire song, which is quite refreshing and surprising to hear from the group. I got a very big American vibe from this song, maybe due to the lack of that synth K-Pop is known for. This track sounds like one of those break-up songs that try to get your spirits up. Even so, it’s quite touching and a good showcase for the group’s strong vocalists.

Finishing up the single is a song formerly released as a digital single, the energetic and pumping hit Diva. It’s no surprise this song was so popular since it just screams catchy with that chorus and “diva diva diva diva” lines. Instead of being another synth loaded song like any other, it has that distinct After School sound since it has more mature vocals than the usual(the rapping and their overall developed vocals) and a moderate yet fine use of the vocoder.

This single was an all around success for the group. It was a good idea to include Diva in here since it rounded off the other two tracks perfectly. I really have no complains as After School, while still a new group, doesn’t suffer from what other debuting girl groups do; lack of looking professional and shaky vocals. Their variety in styles is also a plus for me.

Overall Rating



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