2NE1 – Try to Copy Me

Try to Copy Me is 2NE1’s 5th digital single and it was released on February 9, 2010.


1. Try to Copy Me

Already on their fifth digital single release and 2NE1 still hasn’t disappointed me, although they were close to doing so with Try to Copy Me. The song is exceptionally safe in that it’s(what we can now consider) a “typical 2NE1 song”. It mixes that K-Pop sound with the hip-hop style the group is known for along with their charismatic rapping. Now while I won’t complain about the autotune or instrumental(since I’m so used to them by now), I will state that the song is just a bit TOO repetitive for me. The song is just really a big cycle between Minzy & CL’s rapping and Dara’s obnoxious repetition of the title. Bom’s part in the song is unfortunately short and tacked on, thus not making this song as vocally strong(and not as annoying) as others. Even so, it is a catchy, if rushed and lazy track.

Overall Rating


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1 Response to 2NE1 – Try to Copy Me

  1. NyNy says:

    What an awesome song, I hope they don’t comeback and promote this one though. ¬_¬ It was for a CF after all.

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