The Spring Thief, Mano, Leads to Aika hax?

So one day when Tsunku is in his probably not so expensive studio recording some new music for Morning Musume’s new single after the release of 10 MY ME(oh, you know it’s coming), he gets the silly idea to give the song to H!P’s sparkling, sole soloist Mano.

Initially the song was titled “AS FOR TWO DAYS” since it’s an answer song to that forgotten Momosu song(and my personal favorite song from them EVAR) from many years back but Tsunku changed it to Haru no Arashi so we wouldn’t go all crazy, like those damn K-Pop fangirls.

That’s my first hypothesis however. A more likely reason would be that Mano sneaked into the studio late at night and convinced Tsunku to give her a song that wasn’t totally boring. And by convincing I mean SEDUCING HIM.

Heck, not like she couldn’t right?

Well, no. Tsunku is always a very serious man and 100% dedicated to his job. Thus Mano failed, was kicked out of H!P and forever forgotten in the J-Pop world.

But to us, she’s still out there looking for another company to lead into bankruptcy.

In all seriousness though, I L♡♡♡♡♡VE Mano’s new single. It’s sooooo good. Definitely takes the spot of “she only has one good song”. SHE HAS MOAR THOUGH.

So upon my like fifth listen of the song some time ago, I wondered how the line distribution would be if it were a Momosu song.

So… color-coded lyrics time start~!!!

If you aren’t aware of the site(shame on you H!P fans!) it’s here and well it’s pretty self explanatory.

Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Sayumi Bitchshige, Wonky Reina, Mitsui Aika, Junjun, Linlin

“Haru no Arashi”

Arashi no mae no shizukesa na no ka, sora
Haiiro no kumo tachi ugoi teru

Watashi no kokoro ni umare ta jerashii
Kotoba ni suru koto de kowaku naru no

Zutto zutto suki datta no
Anata no koto dake ga AH

[Tan/Mic/Lin]Anata no me o mi te wakatta no
[Ka/Mic/Jun]Watashi o mitsume te i nai koto ga
[Tak/Aika/Lin]Kanojo no sugata o oikakeru
[Ni/Aika/Jun]Shisen ga ima arashi o yobu

Watashi no kokoro ni
Fukiareru arashi

Ni gakki hajimatta koro wa futari de
Nooto no kashikari o shi tari shi te

Shuumatsu no yakusoku eiga o mi tari
Sotsugyou shi te mo sore wa kawara nai to

Zutto zutto suki datta no
Anata no koto dake ga AH

[Ni/Mic/Lin]Minare ta keshiki ga kawatte ku
[Tak/Mic/Jun]Watashi wa watashi ja naku natte ku
[Ka/Aika/Lin]Futari no shashin o chigittara
[Tan/Aika/Jun]Harahara ima arashi o yobu

Watashi no subete ga
Kakimidasa re te ku

Anata no me o mi te wakatta no
Watashi o mitsume te i nai koto ga

Kanojo no sugata o oikakeru
Shisen ga ima arashi o yobu

Watashi no kokoro ni
Fukiareru arashi

Whoa, that was tougher than I expected.

So it’s pretty realistic. I’ll leave the chorus parts up to Tsunku since he knows which members harmonize the best together. If anything from this would be changed, it would probably be Aika’s lines being replaced by Reina, unfortunately. We all know how much Tsunku hates 8th gen. *eyeroll*


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2 Responses to The Spring Thief, Mano, Leads to Aika hax?

  1. Kishiko says:

    From my perspective, it’s a good thing this song went to Mano. I haven’t found any of her previous singles interesting, so she finally gained some acceptance from me as a result.

  2. sweet page. love the writing. looking awesome. keep up the good work. dig the music too. check out my page if you get a chance.

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