50 Reasons

  1. She has annoying wonky eyes
  2. She’s too pale
  3. She’s too frail and skinny
  4. She has no butt
  5. She has no boobs
  6. Her overuse of the “peace” sign
  7. Her overuse of winking
  8. Her camera hogging
  9. Her speaking voice
  10. Her singing voice
  11. She only sounds good under vocoder(which Tsunku like never uses)
  12. She hasn’t changed her hair since she debuted
  13. She was cool in her debut days and than began to diminish
  14. She gets too much undeserved solos/screen time/centers
  15. She always uses the same damn glitter in her hair during concerts
  16. Her nose
  17. Her demonic smile
  18. Her annoying “crying” face in Naichau Kamo
  19. Her bitchy-ness
  20. She takes Kamei’s spotlight
  21. Her legs are like sticks
  22. She’s incapable of amusing me
  23. Ambitious! Yashinteki de Iija
  24. Kira Kira Fuyu no Shiny G
  25. She refuses to understand that she’s too damn skinny
  26. The way she stares at the audience after introducing herself/waiting for some kind of response
  27. The way she always attempts to stand out when the camera focuses on her
  28. She wasn’t accepted to Momosu the first time but the girl just wouldn’t accept denial
  29. Looks worse than normal when shes not smiling
  30. Her fugly teeth close ups in Onna ni Sachi Are
  31. She looked better as Joy in the Cinderella musical
  32. Her face on the Shouganai Yume Oibito Limited B cover
  33. She ALWAYS has something to say
  34. Her wonkyness is so global, it even infects Korean girls and forcing them to act like her
  35. Searching up “Morning Musume” on Google shows us a thumbnail of Reina’s ugly JKM part as the second result
  36. The first solo picture you get after searching “Morning Musume” on Google is of Reina
  37. 8 out of 19 images that appear on the first page of the image search of “Morning Musume” have Reina in the center/front position
  38. Her typical hairstyle reminds me of devil horns
  39. Otsukareina!
  40. The obnoxious clapping she does when she laughs
  41. Yappii!
  42. Is a dirty dirty liar enough to lie about her age when auditioning for Momosu
  43. Is a threat to Momosu’s future as she wants to be leader
  44. She looks the same in all her photobooks
  45. Her overuse of jewelery/accessories
  46. Her overdone nails remind me of claws
  47. Her Momosu color is my favorite color v-v
  48. All her photo poses look similar
  49. Her long, bony fingers
  50. That curve at both ends of her smile

  1. It’s just that much catchier
  2. Vocoder makes everyone’s voice perfect
  3. Girl group members don’t have to be virgins
  4. Girls’ Generation/2NE1/4minute
  5. Everyone is a lot more attractive
  6. The fun dancing that sticks on you
  7. CONSTANT releases
  8. Female versions of already established boy groups
  9. Drama always keeps you entertained
  10. Weekly shows like Music Bank, M! Countdown, Inkigayo
  11. Constantly debuting artists
  12. Collaborations between artists (and not just m-flo)
  13. F****** netizens
  14. TV shows
  15. Everyone is young
  16. If your just getting into Asian music, it’s not a huge step from American music
  17. Songs never drag on, their all under four minutes
  18. None of that CD+DVD, CD+2DVD, CD+Photobook special edition only songs crap
  19. You understand it more. Half of the songs are in English
  20. The only fat person is that dude from Super Junior. No such things as Sugaya Risakos
  21. Better dancing
  22. No long waits ’till things release. Everything is announced a week before it’s release date
  23. Variety shows.
  24. JYP & Teddy
  25. Awesome indie rock music mostly unheard in J-Music
  26. Fancy stage lights and such for live performances
  27. Usually new, different outfits for live performances
  28. Remixing their songs live after having promoted them for a while
  29. Everyone’s at least hit puberty
  30. Desperate fangirls who entertain you with their bloody letters
  31. Lots more interaction between fans and the artists
  32. No Oricon charts make you feel unpopular
  33. Everyone’s more open about any surgery they had(UEE and double eye-lid surgery)
  34. Makes you feel even more different
  35. It’s cheesy, but at least you have an excuse
  36. No low budget PVs
  37. Watching G-Dragon dry hump a girl on stage
  38. Watching your K-Pop stars fall asleep on T.V.
  39. You never feel like the artists are just lounging off all day doing nothing. They only get 3 hours of sleep!
  40. Get famous overnight with bloody fan letters!
  41. You usually feel smarter than the artists since everyone drops out of school(no Konno Asamis here!)
  43. Artist’s profiles are perfect. Perfect age, measurements, etc… Of course you find out a few years later that it’s all a lie.
  44. Rabid fangirls and netizens keep you entertained with the idiotic things they point out
  45. It’s always interesting to see how the plagiarizing things work out
  46. Cute isn’t the standard girl group style. It’s all about SEXY
  47. If your not fond of a certain male artist, don’t worry, he’ll eventually get sent to the army
  48. TVXQ
  49. Watching Hottests waste their lives trying to get Jaebom to come back when he clearly won’t
  50. Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Ah~

  1. Legends. Yea, their the same group that did that one LOVE Machine song.
  2. Newbie friendly. Pick one of 5 groups(or a soloist) and choose your favorite. Not 48 girls at once.
  3. Graduations and auditions. You may risk your favorite leaving, but at least it keeps everything fresh.
  4. Tsunku is a busy man! New releases come at least every 2 weeks.
  5. Takahashi Ai just pwns Maeda Atsuko in singing and dancing.
  6. Buono! > no3b
  7. Theirs nothing quite like a Hello! Project *insert year* *insert season* concert. <3
  8. Quality over quantity.
  9. AKB48 doesn’t have Chinese gurlz!
  10. Even with H!P’s crappy line distribution, at least they get solos.

9 Responses to 50 Reasons

  1. Ironic Clown says:

    Lulz, the poor girl, however it is a very funny post~!

  2. Hexi says:

    i should so do one of these. but ai isn’t interesting enough to think of 100 reasons. XD at least reina does enough stuff to BE annoying. ai doesn’t even have a persoanlity to be annoyed by. which in itself is brutally annoying. >< XD

  3. Jin says:

    @Josh Haha thanks. xD Just my way of showing how freakin’ important she is >:l

    @hexi ROFL thats harsh. xD I didn’t know you had a hate towards Ai. >_< She's never been a favorite of mine, she's always just there. :P Though she is nice. ^-^
    Oh I get it now. :0 "always just there" "is nice". Your right, she lacks personality. xD

  4. Hexi says:

    ha. ><

    of all the members of H!P Ai and Manoeri are the only ones i really dislike. *shrug*

    Manoeri doesn't dazzle me.

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  6. tsukinoai says:

    Hahaha your reasons for liking kpop more than jpop are why I like jpop more than kpop (or rather the opposite of your reasons keke) =p
    44 is so true

  7. The new reasons are interesting since I’m more of an AKB wota than H!P really.
    And I have to agree with tsukinoai about K-Pop. Some things are just ridiculous and more sad than funny. But I still like the music :3

  8. LxxAsian says:

    You suck that’s why both of your websites are SHXT, the other one doesn’t even exist!!!! POOR~

  9. disappointed says:

    So much shallow hate.

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