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GO TO THE NEW SITE Yes, that’s right. My final post on this blog. NO, OF COURSE I’M NOT QUITING! I’m just taking a small hai- Lol, nah, I never announce my hiatus anyway. Actually… SORA TO KUJIRA IS MOVING! That’s right~ … Continue reading

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Keeping you all up to ~DATE~

Well first of all, I wanna say that as of right now, the blog has reached 48,760 “attendees”!!! Just a bit more and we’ll be at half of 100k! Wow! Never would have thought I’d see those numbers about a … Continue reading

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Sora to Happy Birthday!

I had remembered that my first post ever on this blog was sometime in August, after my birthday(the 25th) to be exact but I found out I was totally wrong when I saw that my first post was actually on … Continue reading

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New rating stars… For you!

No, I don’t mean the spades I use after each review to rate the album/single. Apparently WordPress released these things about a week ago and just announced them today. What they are are stars that I can put either at … Continue reading

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It’s finally time for…

III At long last Sora to Kujira Version 3 is here! I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while now but I’ve finally “found the time” to do it so here it goes. First of all, I wanna … Continue reading

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Artists to be Reviewed (Part 4)

And also the final part! Yes ladies and gentlemen, StK’s first review in oh so many days is only a few days away. >_< Let’s not waste time and look at the new arrivals: K-Pop Yea, I kinda forgot to … Continue reading

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Artists to be Reviewed (Part 3)

Wanna know what’s better than J-Music? It’s K-Music. :P OH MY GAWD IT’S THE KOREAN INVASION! The Firecest thing on the net, 2NE1! I’m sure I’ve expressed my love for this group before(a whole theme, video posts, etc…) so it’s … Continue reading

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